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Downlink & Turnaround

Downlink & Turnaround with 24/7 monitoring and backup antennas.

With over 30 Ku band antennas and 10 C band antennas, stationed across our London teleports and through other regional partner teleports world wide we are able to provide Downlink & Turnaround services for almost all satellite footprints to cover the globe.

We have access to all major satellite downlink footprint for your re-broadcasting services.

Apart from all major European satellite footprint, we also have downlink facilities for popular satellites like IS20, Apstar 7, Thaicom 5, Paksat, MEASAT and IS17 to name just a few.

Services Include:

  • SD/HD Downlinks (C & Ku-Band)
  • Turnarounds
  • Standards Conversion
  • Up / Down-conversion
Downlink Turnaround Service

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